Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"I'll strength thee, bless thee, and cause thee to stand"

Some things that've lifted my heart this last week......



Lastly... Some favorite words & lines from "How Firm A Foundation":
"In every condition in sickness in health, in poverty's vale or abounding in wealth...... FEAR NOT, I AM WITH THEE; oh, be not dismayed, for I am thy God and will still give thee aid. I'll strengthen thee, bless thee, and cause thee to stand.... When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie, my grace, all sufficient, shall by thy supply"

God is mindful of us. He places little reminders and blessings that we need along our path each day. He certainly knows how to lift us each. I'm so grateful for that. 


This + that.

Lil' bit of everything. 

 Maycie is a spaz. Her crazy nappy hair just adds to it. The other night she was running around like a lunatic before bed and making all of us laugh so hard. I snapped some pictures knowing I'd be missing the nights + moments like these ones ALL too too soon. (Which I now am. Wah!)

 Online shipping + bruised legs. A memoir by me.

 Watching these 2 share pancakes during lunch. Sweet little moments like this make me real happy.
 Baby Charloette's baby blessing.
Spilling water all over my WHITE pants. Sos.

My twin turned 27.... and so did her twin!

Exactly a week after my birthday is my cute siblings birthdays! Heather + Tyler are my favorite set of twins EVER. 
Heather had work off on her birthday, and I was off at 12, so once I got off work I delivered her some birthday lunch and we went shopping.

It was so great to spend the afternoon with her. After shopping her BFF Britt came over to get an eyelash fill by Heath. While Heather did Britt's eyelashes I got to cuddle her sweet baby girl Charolette. 

That night I had to babysit, so sadly I missed out on Heath opening all her gifts, but luckily for me she was still at our house as soon as I got home!! 

Heather is my soul sister. And my twin. Even though she's 7 years older then I am, we are so similar. So similar it's scary. We just click. And we just get each other. She is a blessing in my life! So grateful for humans like her. Everyone needs a Heather in their life.

So she has a twin brother, remember?! It was his birthday too!! 

Sadly, he's a stinker and a party pooper. He doesn't care as much about birthday's as Heath and I do. (Especially not me... I'm a birthday freak, remember?!) So he didn't come over with his family to celebrate. Because he let us know ahead of time that they probably wouldn't be coming over, the Sunday before their birthday we took his presents + birthday cake up to him at his new house.

Tyler comes off all "rough and tough", but he's actually a big softy! He's hilarious, and makes me laugh so hard. He's also a big sweetie, and such a loving older brother! He'd be embarrassed to be referred to as a "sweetie", but I really can tell how much he just loves and cares about me and my well being (and all his siblings) and it's just the sweetest!! Especially from such a "bad A" dude like him. He has so many qualities that I hope to find in my own future husband! He's a better big brother then I ever could've dreamed up on my own + asked for. 

Happy 27th Tyler and Heather! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I blogged a lil' bit about my birthday / turning 20. But now 2 weeks later I'm deciding to finally document a bit more about the actual day itself! 

I'm notorious for sleeping past my alarms, so I have like 5 alarms set for each day. Plus, that way I can snooze the first few (if they actually wake me) and then I feel like I'm "sleeping in" to an extent. CONFESSION SESSION: I set EXTRA alarms for the day; just to be sure I wouldn't sleep in. I mean I wanted to make sure I had all the time I needed to primp and get lookin' fiiiiinnnnneee on my BIG DAY (I told you... I'm a birthday freak. I don't mess around!! HAHAHA). And you KNOW I washed my hair the night before (because that may only occur once a week.... OOPS! At least I made sure it was clean for my birthday.  Amiright?!)
Here's where the real embarrassment comes in, after my first alarm I could NOT for the life of me fall back asleep. I was just too pumped to get them birthday celebrations going. hahaha. I tried hard. I really did! But I was like a little kid on Christmas, so it just wasn't happening. So after laying in bed for a hot minute trying to force the sleep, I finally hopped up and got myself ready. While dancing to all the birthday songs of course.

I worked in the morning, and my cute mama decorated my cubicle. What a sweetie. Thankfully, I was off by 12 so the partying could properly continue. 

After work, I got to see my nieces before preschool started for Pais and before Maycie went down for her nap. After that I met up with my sweet friends for pedicures and shopping. 

Once I got home my family was at the house waiting for me. Thankfully my nieces were still over and I got to spend some more time with them! We opened presents, and I was sang happy birthday to. 

The night ended with the gym, and some dirty dancing. It truly was a rock solid day! I was spoiled by SO many with gifts, and quality time! 

Like I mentioned, I make my birthday's a pretty big deal, and the last thing I want is to be sitting around bored. I always have such high expectations and just want the day to be so over the top special. It's honestly like of a curse to love birthday's so much, because you're kind of just setting yourself up for disappointment. But in all honesty, the day was even better then I anticipated! My heart was full, and I felt SO grateful for the friends & family who were willing to take time out of their busy lives to keep me entertained. Even if it meant walking around the mall and trying on clothes. I am incredibly loved and incredibly lucky <3

^^ Putting on my own special fire show for the fam. Lol. ^^

Now another shot of my pretty pretty pearl ring / child / baby / obsession. 

Now may we make year 20 a good one!