Wednesday, December 6, 2017

good ole' days

came across a few photo's that made my heart melt: 

^these first 3 especially get me! so tender <3 ^

the innocence. the freedom. the happiness. the confident yet shy "me-ness". i miss it all a whole lot.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

this year my mama hosted thanksgiving at our place. it was nice and low key - which is my favorite way to have it. my cute friend Gill came over. she's been joining us for family dinners recently, because she's practically one of our own at this point. she's from new york and didn't travel home for the holiday since she's going home permentantly next month (which i'm not talking about... because i'll cry) so we had her over so she could have come company. it was the perfect addition to my thanksgiving holiday!
gill is my soul sister, and a true blessing in my life. i couldn't adore her more. 

 nothing is better then my moms turkey brine and her homemade feather rolls. recently i was asked what my favorite restaurant is, and it was an easy answer - my moms kitchen. i've never been a big fan of going out to eat honestly, probably because my moms cooking tops all else.

my redneck brothers showed up late to thanksgiving dinner with a dead coyote in tow. hahaha, life would be too boring without them.

 and am i the only one who loves shredding all the meat off the bird?! it's incredibly satisfying.

overall, the reason i love this holiday so much is because of FAMILY. i do not know what i did to deserve the people i have in my life. in fact, i don't think i did anything to deserve them, i think i was just blessed with them- regardless of anything i did or didn't do - because i'm lucky. not everyone has a safe place to call home, or parents who filled their parent duties. i've never had to doubt that i was loved, cared for, important, and special in their eyes. i couldn't be more thankful for that!
happy spanksgiivvvinnnggg 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

kate's 21st

my sweet, sweet friend (kate) turned 21 on Novemeber 5th. shes not just any friend, but one of my BEST friends.
How cute is she?!

to celebrate, a few friends  went out to dinner:

and then we were off to the Grand America for a night:

i had never been, and it was STUNNING. 

it was especially stunning at night looking off the balcony with all the lights lit up. 

we basically played and hung out in these giant robes all night - because why not?! in the morning (after hardly any sleep) we ordered room service to celebrate kate's OFFICIAL birthday.

 i love kate for so many reasons. one big one, is because she is incredibly loyal. if i'm sad, she'll never brush it off with knowing that it'll 'get better'. she is always the first to call and offer to pick me up, or come sit with me. 

 not only is she there for me 24/7, but i can trust her. she is emotionally capable of having real, deep, serious, and vulnerable conversations. along with deep heart to hearts, some of my BEST memories are with her. she's so fun, hilarious, and such a good time to be around!

and she's never ever judge-mental towards me and my flaws. 

forever grateful for friends like kate <3 <3


ALSO, the week before kate's birthday our cute friend indy threw her a surprise party.

 i had the honor of making her a cake. i was v proud of how it turned out

we had to protect this thing like a child on the way over.

i could spend everyday celebrating this sweet soul. LOVE YOU LONG TIME MS. KATE ELIZABETH VALADEZ.

Monday, November 27, 2017

halloween 2017

dressing up like a unicorn, a halloween carnival, trick or treating with my nieces, and a dance party on provo center street.

and good friends


my brother is the cutest dad.

maycie the "were-wussie"

and paisley the "vampire bat" (who also looks identical to cara deleveign in this photo - just baby version. don't @ me)

i love holidays. especially when you get to dye your hair pink and dress up.