Friday, September 23, 2016


Back in the BEGINNING of August (holy slacker amiright?) my sweet sweet granny bird turned 90 years old. 90! All I've got to say is that she's still rockin' it. She lives alone, still mows her lawn (by choice) works in her garden everyday, and goes on walks frequently. She's probably the most active 90 year old this world has ever known. She's a go-getter and hates being idle or sitting around.
Her older sister just barely moved into assisted living and she's 98! Talk about amazing genes. 

We threw a big party for her with all her family, friends, and loved ones. Since this sweet grandma of ours is Australian, we had kangaroo and koala bear sugar cookies (which were so cute and I wish I had snapped a photo of them) and a cake with "Kangaroo Paws" (an australian flower) decorated on the front of it. She was so excited to have things from "home" all around her party.
No one makes my heart so happy or completes my life so fully. She raised 8 kids (7 of which were boys; how she kept her sanity we don't know.) My sweet grandma has always been such a treasure to me, she brings a light to my life that no one else could duplicate. There's many reasons why she's one of my absolute favorite humans, but the most important of them all is that she taught my mom (by example) how to be a near-perfect mother. My mom is one of my greatest blessings on this earth; and she is a bi-product of her own mother. She certainly learned from the best. Happy birthday cute cute grandma. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

up the canyon.

Sunday night family dinner was held up the canyon this week. Mom brought watermelon & cowboy caviar (avocado and bean salsa) and Dad grilled up some hot dogs & burgers.

Going up the canyon for cookouts is family favorite. We haven't seemed to do enough of it this summer, so we figured we better get it in at least once more before fall has come full blown.
The air was crisp and the leaves are starting to change colors. It was perfect!  

After dinner we sat around the fire making smores, and watching our favorite little girls running around. Specifically Maycie because she kept trying to eat dirt and other garbage off of the ground (like a rotting corn husk) Nature is good, family is good, GOD is real real good. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

moose moose.

After Maycie was born her name quickly transformed into "Maycie Moo" which led to "Moo Moo" and then "Moose" and then "Moose Moose" and then "Mooskerdoodle" (I love when we call her Moose Moose and she repeats us. Moose is one of my favorite words to hear her pronounce/say)

Growing up I always had the most nicknames of everyone in my family (Scrunch, Scrunchamous, Baby Gorge, Nee Nee, Corn, ect. No idea how half of those came to be!) and I think Maycie is quickly following in my footsteps with all her nicknames.

This tiny girl is such a peanut. She can still fit in all her 12 month clothes and she'll be 2 in just 4 months. She can even fit into some 9-12 month clothing! There are 2 little boys I babysit that're each just a month older then her and they're both in 24 month clothing, it's crazy getting home from watching them and picking her up and realizing how little she really is. 

Although little in size, she sure isn't little in personality. She is such a funny funny girl. She is SO incredibly animated and it cracks us all up. Everyday I fall more in love with her many facial expressions and mannerisms. We have a feeling that she's going to be a class clown and such a goofball. We can already see how funny she is and that funny personality just continues to grow everyday.
She is so not a baby anymore and is becoming more and more of a toddler every single day. I have a love hate relationship with the idea of her growing up. Sure love this Maycie girl of mine and her ability to put a smile on anyone's face. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Ruby June.

Back in June I finally made my first "adult purchase."


We call her Ruby June (Ruby for obvious reasons, and June because that was the month I purchased her. Plus, the names sound quite great together) 
I've been driving a 1993 Honda Accord since I was 16, we called her "Rhonda" and although she was such a trooper and a fantastic car... it was time to upgrade.... ;) (mostly because her A/C is broken.... and not to be a diva, buuuut driving in 100 degree heat on leather seats and no air conditioning just isn't ideal.)

Rhonda is still alive and running so I get to see her everyday (WHEW,) but I must say that nothing pleases me quite as much as seeing Rhonda parked next to Ruby. Seeing the upgrade makes me feel a lot better about the thick envelope I got in the mail which contains all my car payments for the next 5 years. (Adulting man; it's bittersweet)

I'll be honest, I went through a weird weird funk after buying her. Searching for a car is HARD and so unbelievably tiring. I was worried I hadn't looked long enough and that I made too big of a  decision too fast. I was worried that I should've spent less money (because licensing and registration, interest, and sales tax add a LOT to what you originally think you're paying; and sometimes you're a dumby like me and forget factor all that in, then suddenly you're signing papers and freaking out inside thinking that you're making a mistake and spending too much money and committing to too big of monthly payments) and that maybe she has too many miles or is too old and is going to break down in a year, ect. 
The obsessive thoughts went on and on. I legit turned into the WORST driver the next few days because I was being so overly cautious. I wasn't letting my "driving skill" come naturally, it was like I needed to "break in" my new car. My mind made me believe that I almost got into so many car accidents (which who knows if in reality I did or not, my mind was so foggy those next few days and I can hardly even recall them hahaha) I honestly believed the car was CURSED and that buying it had turned me into some awful driver. It was a rough few days weeks, I was constantly battling thoughts of wanting to return the car and keep looking for something different, or just keep driving Rhonda until she broke down. BUT I'm happy to say that the "money spending vulnerability hang over" ended and i'm now as pleased as ever with my purchase.
She's real pretty. I take her through the car wash and vacuum her frequently and she's certainly turned into my baby. If I love my first born child as much as I love Ruby then I think my kid will be in good hands ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

College Freshman.

I've been mega MIA and "behind" on this whole posing & blog thing lately. So I'm trying to step up my game and get all caught up.

3 weeks ago I had my first official day of COLLEGE. I'm just starting my freshman year (I took a year off after graduating high school to work) at UVU and so far i'm loving this whole "college" thing. I feel incredibly, accomplished, stressed, busy, successful, and grown up all at the same time.
I think it's a healthy stress, even though I have two jobs, full time school, and i'm getting less and less sleep each week; I'm really really enjoying school. 
sincerely, your COLLEGE GAL (how adult am I?!)