Monday, September 12, 2016

moose moose.

After Maycie was born her name quickly transformed into "Maycie Moo" which led to "Moo Moo" and then "Moose" and then "Moose Moose" and then "Mooskerdoodle" (I love when we call her Moose Moose and she repeats us. Moose is one of my favorite words to hear her pronounce/say)

Growing up I always had the most nicknames of everyone in my family (Scrunch, Scrunchamous, Baby Gorge, Nee Nee, Corn, ect. No idea how half of those came to be!) and I think Maycie is quickly following in my footsteps with all her nicknames.

This tiny girl is such a peanut. She can still fit in all her 12 month clothes and she'll be 2 in just 4 months. She can even fit into some 9-12 month clothing! There are 2 little boys I babysit that're each just a month older then her and they're both in 24 month clothing, it's crazy getting home from watching them and picking her up and realizing how little she really is. 

Although little in size, she sure isn't little in personality. She is such a funny funny girl. She is SO incredibly animated and it cracks us all up. Everyday I fall more in love with her many facial expressions and mannerisms. We have a feeling that she's going to be a class clown and such a goofball. We can already see how funny she is and that funny personality just continues to grow everyday.
She is so not a baby anymore and is becoming more and more of a toddler every single day. I have a love hate relationship with the idea of her growing up. Sure love this Maycie girl of mine and her ability to put a smile on anyone's face.