Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was so so sweet - as always! There's nothing I love more then holiday's centered around families (which is almost every holiday)
 We didn't get a picture of the whole gang (which isn't rare because the boys in our family hate photo taking) but we got a few of me and my blood sisters. They are each so so amazing! Not pictured: another sister (in-law) who is equally as amazing. Each of my sisters are so different and unique from one antoher, but they're all so great. I couldn't imagine my life without each and every one of them, because each and everyone of them brings something to my life that no one else could. 

 We hosted thanksgiving at our home this year with a small crowd (which is how it's been the past few years) even though it was little, it was so nice and intimate! Oddly enough, I didn't help my mom out with that much of the cooking this year. Not sure why because that's generally one of my favorite parts! 

Mable got lucky and got to celebrate the holiday by cuddling in my bed all day. She looks slighly pissed in this picture, but how cute is she?! The fuffiest kitty ever.... I absolutely love it!! 
 ^^and in this picture she just look like a llama^^

I finally took her outside for dinner around 5pm. Instead of her usual dry cat food I treated her to some canned cat food. Did you know they have a "Turkey feast in gravy" flavor? She was in cat heaven. 

So grateful for my sweet loving family and my real fluffy cuddly kitty. My perfect cozy thanksgiving ended with a game night with some of my favorite people (the mitchell family. The best cousins around!) By tradition, we played scum. It's all of our favorites! I was then off to bed to rest for a day of work. No black friday shopping this year! Just some double pay ;) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The good fight.

I found this gem the other day and it really hit home for me. I think i need to frame it and re-read it everyday. Recovery is a constant fight and battle, and when I say constant I don't say it lightly. I'm working so dang hard and sometimes It feels completely pointless, because I'm often unsure If I even want recovery (but we all know that's just ED chiming in too loudly.) When I push myself the most, it's hard to feel good about my "recovery" decisions. I rarely feel proud, instead I feel defeated. Every day I'm tempted to give up. I'm tempted to stop forcing the issue and to just let myself go back to what's "easiest." I get convinced I actually miss the sick version of me. I get convinced that I want to return to my lowest point and my most miserable state. I need to remind myself I DO NOT miss that Courtney. There is power in NOT missing her. She wasn't fun and she had no life to her. She was sad and she had completely lost herself to an illness. I need to remind myself that I NEVER want to be her again. It's not weak to want recovery, its strength. ED tells me otherwise; he tells me that longing to be stuck in my E.D. is powerful. He tells me that hating recovery is being in control. But at the end of the day I KNOW there's real strength, power, and self control in choosing recovery. There's real power chasing recovery and in not letting the illness win. There's real power in fighting instead of submitting. There's real power in controlling my future, not letting my future be controlled by a monster. At this point, letting ED win would be a lot easier. It's going to take much more effort to reach recovery then it would take to get back to my sickest self and my "lowest point." But just because it's going to take more physical and mental strength doesn't mean it won't be worth it. Just because it's a really tough road doesn't mean to easier road will make me happier. I know I want a full meaningful life, not a life full of anxiety, guilt, and obsessively thinking. I want to be free; I don't want to stay stuck in this prison where I respond and obey my "evil puppet master." It's about time I start letting the true desires of my heart show forth through my efforts and actions. I've got to put my mind to it and fight the good fight.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Eggnog made me do it.

This weekend me and Kate did what we do best.......  shop! 

We came across the most amazing thermals at Old Navy, so we brought them home with us. On the way home we picked up some diet coke so we could complete our..... (drumroll please).... PAJAMA PARTY!!
 And you can bet your bottom dollar that the movie we watched was a Christmas one. (I promise, I love thanksgiving! But I do feel like the Christmas and Thanksgiving season correlate and go hand-in-hand together!)
The weekend before this one was spent in Target's aisle ways. We didn't get pajama's that time, but we did get matching cookie cutters. Cookie decorating party coming soon ;) Grateful for a friend who will embrace her inner "40 year old mom" with me! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Alison's Birthday Get Down.

If you recall this post, you might just remember my sincere love for Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show. She's my ultimate lady crush.
Last week was her "Alison's Birthday Get Down" which was the next big event after her Shell Yes party. This party happened on her actual birthday!
 The "dress code" was party decor realness. We did the best we could with curling ribbon, feathers, and glitter galore. 

 Most the pictures turned out pretty damn hanious haha. BUT, our night was even funner then you could imagine. There's something real great about dancing and getting low with MOMS.
 ^^This is why I love her. I haven't even met her, but I feel like we'd be real great friends^^

Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween 2016.

Last Halloween (at DoTERRA) my mama & I each won $50 cash with our matching costumes. We were ready for round 2 and had some really cute costumes planned (me as Glenda and her as the Wicked Witch of the West.) Unfourtanely, DoTERRA decided to switch things up. Instead of a costume contest we had a "decorating contest." We teamed up we the people in our "area" to decorate our office space. My team decorated our office space as the Hogwarts Castle and we each dressed up as Hogwarts students. As much as I love Harry Potter I was bummed to not be in a big pink gown all day (as Gelnda) and I was even MORE bummed that I wouldn't be winning $50 cash! (I'm pretty confident that this mother daughter duo of ours can win year after year ;) ) 

Halloween night was spent dancing at UVU's insomnia dance where my friends and I dressed up as UFC fighters.

The funnest part of the dance was the hour and a half where I was getting trampled and aboslutely demolished in the heart of the mosh pit. Most girls who are 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds stay clear from the mosh pitting - but it's the best part of every dance for me! Even when I end up flat on my back and at the bottom of a dog pile. One of these days I might end up broken, but until then the mosh pitting shall continue. 

Depsite loving life in the middle of the moshpit, my favorite part of Halloween was no doubt my neices. 

The little deer and the little hunter. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! Their mama is quite the cutie too. I defs lucked out in the sister-in-law department. 

 ^^The spotted bum and furry tail^^

 Her big eyes and little piggy tails kill me. 
^^And the furry belly^^

I got to go trick or treating with these babes and it just might of been the highlight of my night. They were SO excited all until we got to each door. They both refused to say trick or treat or pick out their own candy hahaha. None of us were surprised. But then they'd talk and laugh and say "trick or treat" over and over again all the way until we got the next doorstep. Typical Pais and Mayce right there.

The trick or treating and halloween excitment ended pretty quickly for Paisley once she saw someone dressed up as a dementor next to their candy bowl. She burst into tears and exclaimed "I hate halloween!!!" Her younger sister on the other hand was wildly intrigued and couldn't stop starring at the "scary." No tears, no fear, just captivation! One of the two is a little tougher then the other.... we won't name name's though ;) 

I feel like you either LOVE halloween or HATE it; there's no inbetween! I'm happy to state that I'm the first of those too. One of the best holidays around!


Previous halloweens here and here. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Griddle Cafe & The Beach

Our last full day in California was spent sort of all over the place! After a nice long "sleep in" (much needed after 2 days at Disney) we headed over to L.A. for the Fashion District and for breakfast (at 3p.m.) at Griddle Cafe. 
The most massive and photogenic pancakes you'll ever see. 

And our night ended at Huntington beach for some shopping and walking along the beach.
 'Emptier' wallets, fuller suitcases (soon to be closets) and lots of mems. Fabulous last (full) day of Fall Break!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall break takes Disney.

Back in April Heather and I bought annual Disney passes, which was the real motivation for my mom to make this trip happen. She figured she might as well get the family back to Disneyland while she could take advantage of our passes. That birthday present to ourselves was CLEARLY a gift that just keeps on giving.
 We started out day two in Radiator Springs with breakfast at Flo's V8 cafe. Cutest cafe around!
 And if they start renting our rooms in radiator springs just let me know, because I am determined to live there someday! 

The whole time we kept joking with Lexi she doesn't know how to keep her arms straight up in the air while on rides and her arms are always spread wide and far and are usually covering up the face of the person next to her, this picture proved us right. 
 We could NOT stop laughing at this. HAHAHA. Lexi's personality to a tee.

Photo op upon phto op.

^Cutest. Radiator springs has my heart!^

Til next time Disneyland! We'll be back super soon, we promise. 

...........Annnnnnnd we'll just leave this here.