Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was so so sweet - as always! There's nothing I love more then holiday's centered around families (which is almost every holiday)
 We didn't get a picture of the whole gang (which isn't rare because the boys in our family hate photo taking) but we got a few of me and my blood sisters. They are each so so amazing! Not pictured: another sister (in-law) who is equally as amazing. Each of my sisters are so different and unique from one antoher, but they're all so great. I couldn't imagine my life without each and every one of them, because each and everyone of them brings something to my life that no one else could. 

 We hosted thanksgiving at our home this year with a small crowd (which is how it's been the past few years) even though it was little, it was so nice and intimate! Oddly enough, I didn't help my mom out with that much of the cooking this year. Not sure why because that's generally one of my favorite parts! 

Mable got lucky and got to celebrate the holiday by cuddling in my bed all day. She looks slighly pissed in this picture, but how cute is she?! The fuffiest kitty ever.... I absolutely love it!! 
 ^^and in this picture she just look like a llama^^

I finally took her outside for dinner around 5pm. Instead of her usual dry cat food I treated her to some canned cat food. Did you know they have a "Turkey feast in gravy" flavor? She was in cat heaven. 

So grateful for my sweet loving family and my real fluffy cuddly kitty. My perfect cozy thanksgiving ended with a game night with some of my favorite people (the mitchell family. The best cousins around!) By tradition, we played scum. It's all of our favorites! I was then off to bed to rest for a day of work. No black friday shopping this year! Just some double pay ;)