Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween 2016.

Last Halloween (at DoTERRA) my mama & I each won $50 cash with our matching costumes. We were ready for round 2 and had some really cute costumes planned (me as Glenda and her as the Wicked Witch of the West.) Unfourtanely, DoTERRA decided to switch things up. Instead of a costume contest we had a "decorating contest." We teamed up we the people in our "area" to decorate our office space. My team decorated our office space as the Hogwarts Castle and we each dressed up as Hogwarts students. As much as I love Harry Potter I was bummed to not be in a big pink gown all day (as Gelnda) and I was even MORE bummed that I wouldn't be winning $50 cash! (I'm pretty confident that this mother daughter duo of ours can win year after year ;) ) 

Halloween night was spent dancing at UVU's insomnia dance where my friends and I dressed up as UFC fighters.

The funnest part of the dance was the hour and a half where I was getting trampled and aboslutely demolished in the heart of the mosh pit. Most girls who are 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds stay clear from the mosh pitting - but it's the best part of every dance for me! Even when I end up flat on my back and at the bottom of a dog pile. One of these days I might end up broken, but until then the mosh pitting shall continue. 

Depsite loving life in the middle of the moshpit, my favorite part of Halloween was no doubt my neices. 

The little deer and the little hunter. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! Their mama is quite the cutie too. I defs lucked out in the sister-in-law department. 

 ^^The spotted bum and furry tail^^

 Her big eyes and little piggy tails kill me. 
^^And the furry belly^^

I got to go trick or treating with these babes and it just might of been the highlight of my night. They were SO excited all until we got to each door. They both refused to say trick or treat or pick out their own candy hahaha. None of us were surprised. But then they'd talk and laugh and say "trick or treat" over and over again all the way until we got the next doorstep. Typical Pais and Mayce right there.

The trick or treating and halloween excitment ended pretty quickly for Paisley once she saw someone dressed up as a dementor next to their candy bowl. She burst into tears and exclaimed "I hate halloween!!!" Her younger sister on the other hand was wildly intrigued and couldn't stop starring at the "scary." No tears, no fear, just captivation! One of the two is a little tougher then the other.... we won't name name's though ;) 

I feel like you either LOVE halloween or HATE it; there's no inbetween! I'm happy to state that I'm the first of those too. One of the best holidays around!


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