Saturday, December 26, 2015

rockin around the christmas tree.

ever since my family was brand new - we've always gotten real christmas trees. every year my mom thinks she's going to give in and get an artificial tree (so she doesn't have to string the lights each and every year) but i'm so glad she's never followed through with that urge.... going to the tree lot to pick out a tree, and than the smell of a real christmas tree makes the season 10x brighter.

and when in a christmas tree lot...... PHOTO OP. except sometimes it's dark and the lighting is bad.... so obviously you have to go back the next day to get some more 'insta-worthy' photos. #firstworldprobs

in a few days my mom will take down our christmas tree and vacuum up all the "pine needles." a little piece of my sentimental heart will break. i always hate to watch christmas go.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

happy holla-days

can you believe it's christmas eve?! i'll be honest, i'm a little heart broken. i think i like the weeks leading up to christmas more than i actually like christmas itself. the feel in the air is truly magical, i love christmas spirit! i feel like these past few weeks i've been so busy and haven't had time to just relax and enjoy the season. a new year resolution of mine is going to be to slow down and really cherish each and every ordinary moment and day. i need to take life in instead rush through it with work and sleep & watching the office on netflix.

 one thing i have done this season is appreciate the cold, windy, snowy, bitter weather. i've tried to do at least one thing a day that requires getting bundled and spending more then 30 minutes outside (typically going for a walk around the neighborhood or park, or playing with my dogs)

guys.... it's truly the most wonderful time of the year. i'm so not ready for it to be over. i hope you've all enjoyed this season as much as i have. HAPPY HOLLA-DAYS to all. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

happy birthday nicole.

between the months of december and january, my family has oodles of birthday's and i love it! last sunday we celebrated my sweet older sister nicole's birthday. 

nicole is a true angel, i'm not sure i've ever met such a content laid back girl in my life. she is such a peace maker and is constantly serving everyone around her. she's truly got the sweetest soul & heart. there's just some bright light to her that is indescribable. nicole's countenance brings such a calming peace to any place she goes. i couldn't of asked for a better "oldest sister" i'll forever be grateful for the amazing example she is to me. everywhere i go, people constantly tell me how sweet, cute, and loving nicole is. everyone that knows her instantly is in love with her, and i can't blame them. there's no one like nicole.

i got the honor of making nicole a homemade funfetti cake (and dousing the top in pretty sprinkles) and paisley got the honor of helping her blow out her birthday candles, and helping her open all her presents. 

it was such a great day, surrounded by family, celebrating our sweet nicole. we love you nikki!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

happy birthday mama.

on wednesday we celebrated my cute mommy's birthday. her and i went to work that morning, on the way home i made her close her eyes, i stopped by cravings bistro to pick her up a grilled cheese for a birthday lunch. after we got home she had her preschool class to teach, while she was teaching i picked up some balloons and baked her a birthday cake.

i was trying to make a mock "kitty katrina" which is the yummiest madagascan vanilla cake from the chocolate, i must say i was pretty impressed with the turn out of my cake, so dang good!

that night we had the whole fam over for cake, icecream, and presents. pais is the best helper when it comes to birthdays, she is awesome at opening presents, blowing out candles, and eating ice cream with lots of sprinkles on the top. one of my favorite things to watch was pais helping "grammy" open the present that she he had picked out all by herself. she picked out lots of princess stamps and coloring pages, at the end of the night she asked grammy if she could take the presents home with her. kids are the best ;)

i really did luck out in the mom department. i've never met anyone so laid back and selfless. she is a true angel - not just to our family - but to all our neighbors and all of her friends. nothing makes me happier then when she makes dumb jokes and laughs so hard at herself til the point she can't even breathe anymore. i've put this lady through more then any mom should have to experience. even though i frustrate her often -  she's stuck by my side patiently and lovingly. she'll tell you i'm the reason behind every grey hair on her head, but if it wasn't for me she wouldn't know how to twerk, so i think we're pretty even.

hooray for moms, birthdays, and cute target decorations.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

divine right | queenship | power

back in september my mama and i went up to city creek, while up there we stopped by alex and ani. i saw this cute crown charm and i fell in love! it's funny, if i find a dress that is $30 i'll pass it up and remind myself that i can find a dress just as cute and for much cheaper, however i'm willing to drop $40 on a BRACELET at alex and ani... my logic doesn't make sense to me. but it is what it is!

"known also as great mother, the queen represents feminine power and authority. She rules with values that inspire a kingdom or an individual to greatness. Wear this charm to help assert your power, take charge of situations, and act with benevolence."

not only was i drawn to this bracelet because it's cute, but because of what it stands for.

here is to cute dainty charm bracelets and taking back power  over my life.
(p.s. i ain't no photographer.... but sometimes i try to be with my iphone 6 camera)