Thursday, December 3, 2015

divine right | queenship | power

back in september my mama and i went up to city creek, while up there we stopped by alex and ani. i saw this cute crown charm and i fell in love! it's funny, if i find a dress that is $30 i'll pass it up and remind myself that i can find a dress just as cute and for much cheaper, however i'm willing to drop $40 on a BRACELET at alex and ani... my logic doesn't make sense to me. but it is what it is!

"known also as great mother, the queen represents feminine power and authority. She rules with values that inspire a kingdom or an individual to greatness. Wear this charm to help assert your power, take charge of situations, and act with benevolence."

not only was i drawn to this bracelet because it's cute, but because of what it stands for.

here is to cute dainty charm bracelets and taking back power  over my life.
(p.s. i ain't no photographer.... but sometimes i try to be with my iphone 6 camera)