Thursday, December 17, 2015

happy birthday nicole.

between the months of december and january, my family has oodles of birthday's and i love it! last sunday we celebrated my sweet older sister nicole's birthday. 

nicole is a true angel, i'm not sure i've ever met such a content laid back girl in my life. she is such a peace maker and is constantly serving everyone around her. she's truly got the sweetest soul & heart. there's just some bright light to her that is indescribable. nicole's countenance brings such a calming peace to any place she goes. i couldn't of asked for a better "oldest sister" i'll forever be grateful for the amazing example she is to me. everywhere i go, people constantly tell me how sweet, cute, and loving nicole is. everyone that knows her instantly is in love with her, and i can't blame them. there's no one like nicole.

i got the honor of making nicole a homemade funfetti cake (and dousing the top in pretty sprinkles) and paisley got the honor of helping her blow out her birthday candles, and helping her open all her presents. 

it was such a great day, surrounded by family, celebrating our sweet nicole. we love you nikki!