Sunday, December 13, 2015

happy birthday mama.

on wednesday we celebrated my cute mommy's birthday. her and i went to work that morning, on the way home i made her close her eyes, i stopped by cravings bistro to pick her up a grilled cheese for a birthday lunch. after we got home she had her preschool class to teach, while she was teaching i picked up some balloons and baked her a birthday cake.

i was trying to make a mock "kitty katrina" which is the yummiest madagascan vanilla cake from the chocolate, i must say i was pretty impressed with the turn out of my cake, so dang good!

that night we had the whole fam over for cake, icecream, and presents. pais is the best helper when it comes to birthdays, she is awesome at opening presents, blowing out candles, and eating ice cream with lots of sprinkles on the top. one of my favorite things to watch was pais helping "grammy" open the present that she he had picked out all by herself. she picked out lots of princess stamps and coloring pages, at the end of the night she asked grammy if she could take the presents home with her. kids are the best ;)

i really did luck out in the mom department. i've never met anyone so laid back and selfless. she is a true angel - not just to our family - but to all our neighbors and all of her friends. nothing makes me happier then when she makes dumb jokes and laughs so hard at herself til the point she can't even breathe anymore. i've put this lady through more then any mom should have to experience. even though i frustrate her often -  she's stuck by my side patiently and lovingly. she'll tell you i'm the reason behind every grey hair on her head, but if it wasn't for me she wouldn't know how to twerk, so i think we're pretty even.

hooray for moms, birthdays, and cute target decorations.