Sunday, May 31, 2015


yesterday was the first saturday of summer, and it couldn't of been more perfect.
it started by waking up early, and hiking the timp cave with my mama. 
it followed with the perfect "post-hike" snack.

after showering, i sat down by myself and watched "the box trolls"
i love kid movies, so i was excited to finally see this one.... but it was a bit odd.

the day followed with some shopping, and graduation parties, but the REAL fun started at midnight.
from bombing people & their fires at utah lake with water balloons, to racing creeps we met at 7/11, to being followed around, and lastly a pranking war, which led to a shaving cream fight in the middle of the street at 4 a.m. (they looked worse then us - i'd consider us to have won ;)) it was a pretty solid night. at 5 a.m, we all finally passed out on kaitlyn's couch.

i'm excited for what the rest of summer will bring!!

now on a different - more serious - note, a little over a month ago, a very dear and loved family friend of ours passed away. the loss was sudden & unexpected and quite heartbreaking. (sweet jill was part of our families "group" this " group" consists of many different families, who're all super close) 
2 weeks ago we took her daughter - a friend of mine since i was a baby - out for a girls night.
we got manicures and ate cobbler, so good to see her again and spend time with her again.
my love and prayers are still out to the sweet stenquist family, the "group" get togethers won't ever be quite the same without sweet jill.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

party, party, party.

May is full of friends birthday's.
the first was kaitlyn's, we celebrated by a surprise ice-cream sundae party at kelsies.

next was tiff's birthday, we celebrated by a surprise cake party at dano's.
lastly was Kenly's, or as she prefers to be called, lard. she held a BBQ in her back yard, we surprised her with baby goats that we rented off of KSL. random?? a little. but the girl likes baby goats! you gotta do what you gotta do.

me and the birthday girl.

check out the look in the goats eyes.

happy birthday kait, tiff, & lard!

Friday, May 29, 2015

class of 2015.

graduation wasn't until 4 this year, which is kind of an odd awkward time, so instead of a post-graduation dinner, we went out for a pre-graduation lunch.
I chose pizza factory, an old favorite that never fails.

after I arrived home, it was time to put the cap  and gown on:( how did this day come?!
graduation was....boring... as usual, but because of the high anxiety, it flew by.

and just like that, WE'RE DONE!!! me and chlo met in 2nd grade, and have practically been attached at the hip ever sense. no one else on this planet is as willing to be as loud and obnoxious with me then chloe. we're a really good match. she's already the designated "maid of honor" at my wedding.

the fact most all these boys are leaving for mission's this summer is a combination of exciting, scary, and sad. how'd my friends get so grown up??

THE FAB FOUR. one of the saddest days of my life last year was when I watched kels and kait graduate, but now me and chlo have joined them on the "graduated" side of life.

MY FAVORITE JR.'S! i'm excited for this coming summer with them, they make me laugh harder then anyone else.

pre-school graduation, kindergarten graduation, 6th grade graduation, 8th grade graduation and now HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION! me and karina have been together at all of them, she's been in my life longer then any other friend of  mine, literally since before either of us could walk. I know our friendship will remain until the end of time, she's one I have zero concerns of ever losing contact with :)

and just like that, i'm a graduated woman. typing that sort of breaks my heart, i'm a sentimental fool.
but last night's "senior all nighter" was the perfect end to all my great high school memories:)
pleasant grove high, you've been so good to me.

Monday, May 25, 2015

last sunday.

last sunday, i not only graduated seminary, but i also received my young woman medallion. it was an exciting day where lots of hard work paid off.

there was a point in time i wasn't sure either of these things would be accomplished, but somehow, i pulled it all together in the end.

next up, the REAL cap and gown.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

My team.

tuesday night was my dance studio's end of the year concert. 
it was absolutely heartbreaking to see my team dancing without me, even though i wished more then anything to be up on stage with them, i was so happy to be able to be there watching them.

 after the show ended, i went up on stage and was attacked with tearful hugs. i love these girls so much. 

not only did my team preform so well, my coaches and teachers came up with some brilliant choreography. i feel so blessed to have been apart of such an amazing studio with amazing instructors for so long. i've grown up dancing here, and year after year i've loved it.

i'm so grateful for the love and support i've received from these girls throughout my rough journey this past year, even though i could never fully pay them back, i was so glad i could be there supporting them, and cheering them on right back. 
i've got amazing and talented people in my life.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

senior pictures.

here's a glimpse of what went on last month, such a fun shoot! graduating high school is the perfect excuse for professional make-up, and a professional photographer.