Sunday, May 10, 2015

senior prom.

last night was my senior prom, a day I've dreamed of since i was a little girl!

our day started bright and early at 6 am when we headed up to a friends cabin to ride four-wheelers, it was snowing, and raining, despite freezing my buns off, it was so dang fun! we found this  muddy "swamp" so we went zooming around in circles, spraying mud all over other couples for a while, it was messy and dirty, but may of just been one of the highlights of the day.

after a nice long hot shower, my sister in law, and her younger sister, came over to do my make up and help me get ready.

and like every dance since my sophomore year, i attempted to pin the boutonniere on, but my mom eventually had to come do it herself.
 i found my dress on pinterest back in December, and i fell in love with it, thankfully once prom rolled around, the link was still there, and the dress was still available!

we went to the brio for dinner, it was my first time there, but i wasn't disappointed. it was also so fun having such a large group, full of such good friends of mine.

can you believe it? my very last high school dance is over. my SENIOR PROM has come and gone. next up, graduation.
thanks Christian for being such a gentleman and keeping my laughing all day. prom 2015 was a SUCCESS.