Friday, May 29, 2015

class of 2015.

graduation wasn't until 4 this year, which is kind of an odd awkward time, so instead of a post-graduation dinner, we went out for a pre-graduation lunch.
I chose pizza factory, an old favorite that never fails.

after I arrived home, it was time to put the cap  and gown on:( how did this day come?!
graduation was....boring... as usual, but because of the high anxiety, it flew by.

and just like that, WE'RE DONE!!! me and chlo met in 2nd grade, and have practically been attached at the hip ever sense. no one else on this planet is as willing to be as loud and obnoxious with me then chloe. we're a really good match. she's already the designated "maid of honor" at my wedding.

the fact most all these boys are leaving for mission's this summer is a combination of exciting, scary, and sad. how'd my friends get so grown up??

THE FAB FOUR. one of the saddest days of my life last year was when I watched kels and kait graduate, but now me and chlo have joined them on the "graduated" side of life.

MY FAVORITE JR.'S! i'm excited for this coming summer with them, they make me laugh harder then anyone else.

pre-school graduation, kindergarten graduation, 6th grade graduation, 8th grade graduation and now HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION! me and karina have been together at all of them, she's been in my life longer then any other friend of  mine, literally since before either of us could walk. I know our friendship will remain until the end of time, she's one I have zero concerns of ever losing contact with :)

and just like that, i'm a graduated woman. typing that sort of breaks my heart, i'm a sentimental fool.
but last night's "senior all nighter" was the perfect end to all my great high school memories:)
pleasant grove high, you've been so good to me.