Tuesday, May 12, 2015

mothers day.

sunday was mothers day, and i must say, i'm so blessed to have such amazing woman & mothers in my life.

first, grandma reeder, my mothers mom! or as we prefer to call her, "granny bird"
this woman is so sassy, and there's never a dull moment with her. if raising a daughter and 7 sons doesn't say enough about how dang amazing she is, i'm not sure what will. this lady has everyone around her laughing constantly.

next grandma hill, my dads mother. this woman is the perfect example of patience, love, and service. she loves helping others out, and she is so accepting of all those around her. she truly see's the best in everyone.

next, chles. my brothers wife, and the mother to my little nieces. not only am i grateful for her bringing those special little girls into my life, but she amazes me with how calm, and collected she is. her babies are pretty high matenince, and somehow she manages them with perfect patience. her girls keep us laughing all day, and even when they are being crazy (and probably hard to handle) she can sit back and laugh at them too.

and last but not least, my mama. words can't describe this woman. after everything her kids (including me) have put her through, she still loves us more then anything. i'm so grateful for everything she's taught me, and i'm also grateful for how she's raised my 5 siblings, because they all mean so much to me and they're all such great individuals. no one serves as much as this woman does, and I've never met anyone quite as selfless as her. i'm lucky to be her girl, and I hope that someday  i'm half the mom that she is.

i hope you all had a lovely mothers day!