Sunday, May 31, 2015


yesterday was the first saturday of summer, and it couldn't of been more perfect.
it started by waking up early, and hiking the timp cave with my mama. 
it followed with the perfect "post-hike" snack.

after showering, i sat down by myself and watched "the box trolls"
i love kid movies, so i was excited to finally see this one.... but it was a bit odd.

the day followed with some shopping, and graduation parties, but the REAL fun started at midnight.
from bombing people & their fires at utah lake with water balloons, to racing creeps we met at 7/11, to being followed around, and lastly a pranking war, which led to a shaving cream fight in the middle of the street at 4 a.m. (they looked worse then us - i'd consider us to have won ;)) it was a pretty solid night. at 5 a.m, we all finally passed out on kaitlyn's couch.

i'm excited for what the rest of summer will bring!!

now on a different - more serious - note, a little over a month ago, a very dear and loved family friend of ours passed away. the loss was sudden & unexpected and quite heartbreaking. (sweet jill was part of our families "group" this " group" consists of many different families, who're all super close) 
2 weeks ago we took her daughter - a friend of mine since i was a baby - out for a girls night.
we got manicures and ate cobbler, so good to see her again and spend time with her again.
my love and prayers are still out to the sweet stenquist family, the "group" get togethers won't ever be quite the same without sweet jill.