Tuesday, June 2, 2015

blessings to come.

last week, my family went up to my sweet grandma reeders for dinner.

*cute little maycie on the car ride up.*

let me tell you something cool about my cute little granny-bird, she is a pro knitter.

see both those sweaters on my body?? yeah, she knitted both of them!
when we got to my grandma's house, she pulled me into her backroom and opened up a drawer FULL of little baby sweaters, she let me dig through them, and pick out one for my future little babies to wear.

 it took me awhile to pick out the "perfect" one, because there was so many and they were all so darling.
i took this sweater home with me, and i now have it in my room, where i can look at it everyday and remember that i want babies someday. (since this sweater is girly, my cute grandma ended up letting me take a second one home too, because she's that awesome, and now my baby boys will also have a sweater to wear.)

due to poor health, i haven't had a period in over a year, because of all these complications i might be baby proof, and that scares me. but i have to keep reminding myself, there's no use in worrying about that now, all I can do in this moment, is work hard, and keep myself healthy so hopefully one day i will have those babies of my own.
deep down, i know i have children in heaving watching me, and cheering me on. i understand that god wants & desires to bless me with these children.
even if my babies don't come in the typical way, i know being a mother is a roll and a calling i have, and i know god will give me opportunities (whether it's the way I've planned for or not) to fulfill the calling of motherhood.

not only do i (now) have darling, itty bitty sweaters to motivate me, i also have my nieces.

*future dancer doing her stretches and practicing her turn out*

*feeding maycie frosting, she was impressed*
babies truly are one of the greatest blessings in my life.