Sunday, June 28, 2015

29 years.

yesterday - june 27th - my parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.

(my parents are the couple on the far left)

my parents decided that instead of celebrating alone, they'd celebrate with the kids too, because 29 years ago is when this eternal family of ours began.

since all the older kids are busy being married and working, my parents took the two babies of the family (me and jackson) up to park city on friday night.

we rode the zip line, then headed to main street for dinner. 

by tradition, after dinner we walked through the cute little book store attached to rocky mountain chocolate factory, and then stopped by rocky mountain for a treat.

i think the reason i love this bookstore so much, is mainly because they have a CAT roaming the store, and you know.... i have an undying love for cats.

after walking along main street, we played some mini golf, and then called it a night.

i love my sweet parents, and my sweet family, i'm so blessed to get to spend eternity with them.

congrats on 29 years mom and dad! i'm excited to watch you guys grow old through the many many more years that're coming.