Friday, July 3, 2015


summertime can get boring quick, and sadly, i'm the type of person who feels like i always need to be doing something productive, i know this can be a 'strength,' but it's also a weakness, because i have a hard time 'relaxing.' 
so to prevent myself from going stir crazy this summer, i put some projects in line for me to do, but of course, because everyone needs some relaxing, i'm constantly watching gilmore girls while working on these projects ;)

the first 'craft' or 'project' i made, was a floral "C" 

i've been wanting to do this forever, and hobby lobby made my day when i found a giant "C" on their paper mache isle. i cut off the front of the "C" with an exacto knife - making it hollow - and then i hot glued styrofoam inside of it.

after it was full of styrofoam, i bought oodles of flowers (mostly from hobby lobby, and a few from walmart) and stuck them into the styrofoam, creating a big, pretty, floral "C"

thanks pinterest ;)

and THEN hobby lobby made my whole week when i found a paper mache deer head next to their big paper mache letters,  these cute deer heads are super in right now, and i was excited to find a 'plain' one to decorate myself, i had too many ideas, and i'm such an indecisive person, which made it a little but stressful, but i finally decided on spray painting the whole thing gold, and then covering the antlers in gold glitter.

i think i made the right decision with how to 'decorate' my deer, after all, glitter never fails.

my room is looking better and better with each finished craft.