Friday, July 24, 2015


yesterday, we celebrated......

because sister hill has officially been out on the mission field A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!

one year ago my family ate my moms famous homemade bran muffins for breakfast, (lexi's request) while playing a game of clue. they later gathered at the MTC to drop her off, and say their last good byes.

 i was in treatment at the time, and couldn't be there with the family, i look back and i'm still heartbroken, i missed out on so much, BUT, the good news is, i hear that the last 6 months fly by, which i'm so counting on, because i can't wait to see her bright smile again.

she is doing AMAZING things in Alabama, and I know when she gets home she's going to wish she could go out and serve 5 more missions before continuing on with her life, BUT (selfishly) i'm relieved that won't be an option, because i'm counting down the days until i can give her the BIGGEST HUG EVER.

i love sister hill, i'm grateful for the example she's set for me. now let the countdown begin!

P.s. happy pioneer day!