Sunday, July 12, 2015

payson lakes & tibble fork.

friday afternoon me and my fam packed up our things (and by 'our things' i mean a change of underwear, tooth brushes, and food) then headed to blackhawk campgrounds, up by payson lake, for a short and sweet camping trip.

friday night we grilled chicken for dinner and talked around the fire as it got dark. something about sitting in nature with people you love the most, and smelling the 'mountain smell' is just really refreshing. 

the later it got, the more energy i built up, so i gave the family some 'pre-bed' entertainment of a short play - written out and acted out by me - (it was a one man show) and singing some les' miserables. 

i crashed so hard that night, my body appreciated that i put it down for bed at 10:30 vs. my normal 3 a.m.

the next morning we woke up, and headed to the lake for some fishing, and reading on the dock. 
after we packed up the fishing gear, we took a walk around the lake - which was breathtakingly beautiful - and the weather was absolutely perfect! 

we packed up camp and headed home around 3, it was a short little trip, but it was so ideal.

after showering, it wasn't long before i was headed up af canyon with a friend. 

he's from california, so i took him on a walk around tibble fork, i just can't seem to get enough of the mountains! i feel so lucky and blessed to live so close to them.

i think utah has my heart.