Wednesday, February 24, 2016

valentines festivities.

i like to consider myself a pretty festive person (i mean obviously. i died my hair pink for valentines day so that's gotta say something) i'll be honest, valentines day makes me wish i was still in elementary school so i can make a cute valentines box and pick out little valentines to hand out. lucky for me, i have lots of little kiddo's in my life, so even though i didn't get to make myself a cute valentines box i did get to make a lot of cute valentines for my moms preschool students, all the many different kids i babysit for, and my nieces. my valentines turned out much cuter then any i could've picked out at the store ;) so i guess there are perks to not being in elementary school.
one of the best ways for me to be festive during holiday's is with treats. the week leading up to valentines day was full of baking. i baked with the kids i babysit for, i baked with my sisters, i baked for family, for co-workers, and everyone in between. 
i'm weird, i hate spending money on food/groceries, going out to eat, gas for my car, movies, bowling (or any other fun activity besides shopping and clothes) but i'm willing to spend so much money on party decorations and festive sprinkles.... i might have a problem.
but i'll justify it by reminding you all that life is better topped with frosting sprinkles.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

and on valentines day we wear pink.

happy valentines day.
may your day be full of PINK, glitter, and lots of love. xoxoxo.

Friday, February 12, 2016


8 days ago my sweet big sister returned home from her mission. she had spent the last 18 months serving the Lord in the Birmingham Alabama Mission and she loved every last minute of it.
^^little maycie waiting to meet lex for the first time ever^^

once lexi's flight landed and we saw oodles of people coming down the escalator the emotions and the anxiety grew real fast. we had lots of sweet people telling us "your missionary is just up the stairs! we spoke to her one minute ago, she'll be coming down soon" GAH, we were so happy to hear others had just spoken to her and it was crazy to know she was right up the stairs just barely out of our sight, but at the same time we were like can you not? you're making us so jealous.
it was such a sweet reunion. hugging lex after 18 long months was the best thing ever. after crying and squeezing each other at the airport we headed out to lunch. i think she was more excited to be a missionary in public one last time then she was to eat a kneaders sandwich again (and she missed kneaders a whole lot)
we are so excited to have our daughter, sister, aunt, and friend back home under our roof. welcome home lex, we love you so much and are so proud of you.

Monday, February 8, 2016

ms. chloe turns 19.

sweet chloe turned 19 last sunday. i have a lot of best friends and there's lots of people that i can say "so so is one of my best friends" about but chloe is THE best friend of all. no doubt.
me and chlo met in second grade and ever since meeting we've loved causing trouble together.
since chlo's birthday fell on a sunday we had a birthday dinner for her on saturday night at cubby's. our dinner date was followed by lots of girl talk in kate's hot tub.
sunday morning we surprised chlo with a homemade breakfast in bed. the pancakes didn't turn out quite as cute as planned (pinterest fail) but hey, it's the thought that counts right??
later that night we had a surprise party with cookies, icecream, and caramel popcorn at chloe's new apartment.
i mean it when i say chloe is a diamond in the rough. since day one me and chloe have loved being loud & obnoxious together. i'm so glad to have a best friend who shares the same passion of being immature with me, never a dull moment with us two. i'm grateful to have someone that can make me laugh no matter what mood i'm in but also have such awesome deep talks with me. chloe has such a big heart, when good fortune comes to one of her friends she is genuinely so happy for them. on the other side, when a friend of hers is going through a big trial she is sincerely sad and hurts for them, she feels emotions for all those around her. chloe is the most supportive friend you'll meet, she was at every dance performance and competition that she could make it to. not only did she support me with dance - she supported every other friend with their "sport." chloe is a complete and total gem, i couldn't be happier to have her as my very best friend. love you chlo, thanks for being the best. xoxoxoxo
 not only is she the sweetest, isn't she the cutest and prettiest ever?!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

happy 18th jordan.

last week sweet jordan turned 18. i met jordan this time last year and it's crazy to think it's been a whole year since we met; somehow at the same time it's also crazy to think that it's only been a year since we met. i remember first meeting her so perfectly - there was something about her that just drew me in & i instantly knew i wanted to be her friend. me and jordan clicked right away and instantly became great friends. there's something so comforting about jordan; i've been able to confide in her more then i've ever been able to confide in anyone else before. jordan is such a safe place for me to turn to when i need to talk & be vulnerable, not only can we have the best and most honest heart to hearts, we can have so much fun with each other and be such doofs! its a great big win win. it's crazy how close you can get to someone in such a short amount of time. although i haven't known jordan long (and i don't get to spend much time with her) she is no doubt one of my best friends and i have some awesome memories with her.

i was lucky enough to celebrate jordans 17th birthday with her and i super wish i was able to celebrate the big 18 with jordan (in person,) but since i couldn't i celebrated for her from afar and sent lots of long distant birthday loves. cheers to your 18th year ms. jordan!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

an example and a light.

i never set new years resolutions and i think that's because everything i want to "do" "become" or "accomplish" i am always already working on. it would be silly to get the thought "i need to spend more time serving those around me" and then decide that i'll start serving others in 3 months once it's finally 2016; there's just no need to 'put off' the things that matter to you. so there i sat in relief society (it still hasn't hit me that i'm actually in relief society.... weird stuff! i'm too young for that) on January 3rd 'resolution less'. our lesson was on the talk "Be an Example and a Light" By President Thomas S. Monson; i read over the talk as the lesson was being taught & suddenly it struck me - i need to pattern 2016 off of this talk.

a few quotes, lines, and words that really stuck with me:

"we become examples of believers by living the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. as we do so our lights will shine for others to see"

"i am confident there are within our sphere of influence those who are lonely, those who are ill, and those who feel discouraged. ours is the opportunity to help them and to lift their spirits"

"the Savior brought hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. as we emulate His example, we will bless lives, including our own"

i know that each of us have opportunities to shine and help others around us each and every day. this talk is a good reminder that in order to shine we need to have the Holy Spirit & Christs light with us daily.

since i'm not great with resolutions, i'm going to start having yearly "themes" my "theme this year is to help others by being a light and an example. i love how nie nie speaks about new year resolutions (found here); instead of setting resolutions or goals she makes commitments. along with my theme i am committing to speak kindly about those around me. i am committing to be charitable, loving, & faithful. i want others to have positive uplifting feels when they're around me; i want to help others see their worth. i know that as i focus on seeing the best in others, avoiding gossip - and helping others to do the same - i won't just bless the lives of my acquaintances, i'll be blessing my own life.

this talk was from october 2015 general conference and can be found here.