Wednesday, February 3, 2016

happy 18th jordan.

last week sweet jordan turned 18. i met jordan this time last year and it's crazy to think it's been a whole year since we met; somehow at the same time it's also crazy to think that it's only been a year since we met. i remember first meeting her so perfectly - there was something about her that just drew me in & i instantly knew i wanted to be her friend. me and jordan clicked right away and instantly became great friends. there's something so comforting about jordan; i've been able to confide in her more then i've ever been able to confide in anyone else before. jordan is such a safe place for me to turn to when i need to talk & be vulnerable, not only can we have the best and most honest heart to hearts, we can have so much fun with each other and be such doofs! its a great big win win. it's crazy how close you can get to someone in such a short amount of time. although i haven't known jordan long (and i don't get to spend much time with her) she is no doubt one of my best friends and i have some awesome memories with her.

i was lucky enough to celebrate jordans 17th birthday with her and i super wish i was able to celebrate the big 18 with jordan (in person,) but since i couldn't i celebrated for her from afar and sent lots of long distant birthday loves. cheers to your 18th year ms. jordan!