Wednesday, February 24, 2016

valentines festivities.

i like to consider myself a pretty festive person (i mean obviously. i died my hair pink for valentines day so that's gotta say something) i'll be honest, valentines day makes me wish i was still in elementary school so i can make a cute valentines box and pick out little valentines to hand out. lucky for me, i have lots of little kiddo's in my life, so even though i didn't get to make myself a cute valentines box i did get to make a lot of cute valentines for my moms preschool students, all the many different kids i babysit for, and my nieces. my valentines turned out much cuter then any i could've picked out at the store ;) so i guess there are perks to not being in elementary school.
one of the best ways for me to be festive during holiday's is with treats. the week leading up to valentines day was full of baking. i baked with the kids i babysit for, i baked with my sisters, i baked for family, for co-workers, and everyone in between. 
i'm weird, i hate spending money on food/groceries, going out to eat, gas for my car, movies, bowling (or any other fun activity besides shopping and clothes) but i'm willing to spend so much money on party decorations and festive sprinkles.... i might have a problem.
but i'll justify it by reminding you all that life is better topped with frosting sprinkles.