Friday, February 12, 2016


8 days ago my sweet big sister returned home from her mission. she had spent the last 18 months serving the Lord in the Birmingham Alabama Mission and she loved every last minute of it.
^^little maycie waiting to meet lex for the first time ever^^

once lexi's flight landed and we saw oodles of people coming down the escalator the emotions and the anxiety grew real fast. we had lots of sweet people telling us "your missionary is just up the stairs! we spoke to her one minute ago, she'll be coming down soon" GAH, we were so happy to hear others had just spoken to her and it was crazy to know she was right up the stairs just barely out of our sight, but at the same time we were like can you not? you're making us so jealous.
it was such a sweet reunion. hugging lex after 18 long months was the best thing ever. after crying and squeezing each other at the airport we headed out to lunch. i think she was more excited to be a missionary in public one last time then she was to eat a kneaders sandwich again (and she missed kneaders a whole lot)
we are so excited to have our daughter, sister, aunt, and friend back home under our roof. welcome home lex, we love you so much and are so proud of you.