Monday, February 8, 2016

ms. chloe turns 19.

sweet chloe turned 19 last sunday. i have a lot of best friends and there's lots of people that i can say "so so is one of my best friends" about but chloe is THE best friend of all. no doubt.
me and chlo met in second grade and ever since meeting we've loved causing trouble together.
since chlo's birthday fell on a sunday we had a birthday dinner for her on saturday night at cubby's. our dinner date was followed by lots of girl talk in kate's hot tub.
sunday morning we surprised chlo with a homemade breakfast in bed. the pancakes didn't turn out quite as cute as planned (pinterest fail) but hey, it's the thought that counts right??
later that night we had a surprise party with cookies, icecream, and caramel popcorn at chloe's new apartment.
i mean it when i say chloe is a diamond in the rough. since day one me and chloe have loved being loud & obnoxious together. i'm so glad to have a best friend who shares the same passion of being immature with me, never a dull moment with us two. i'm grateful to have someone that can make me laugh no matter what mood i'm in but also have such awesome deep talks with me. chloe has such a big heart, when good fortune comes to one of her friends she is genuinely so happy for them. on the other side, when a friend of hers is going through a big trial she is sincerely sad and hurts for them, she feels emotions for all those around her. chloe is the most supportive friend you'll meet, she was at every dance performance and competition that she could make it to. not only did she support me with dance - she supported every other friend with their "sport." chloe is a complete and total gem, i couldn't be happier to have her as my very best friend. love you chlo, thanks for being the best. xoxoxoxo
 not only is she the sweetest, isn't she the cutest and prettiest ever?!