Sunday, March 6, 2016

cuddle bud.

at the end of january my brother, his wife, and their sweet nieces moved into our home. they will be staying with us while they save up money to buy a house of their own. a couple weeks after they moved in my sister got home for her mission. in 2 weeks we had 5 new people move in under our roof. you'd think things have been a bit crazy with our human stuffed home but i can honestly say it's been nothing but lovely. i think one reason i love this full house so much is because i now have a roommate. it's every young girls wish to have her "own room" right? well it was my 18 year old wish to get the privilege of sharing a room. wish granted, and i get to share my room with the cutest girl of all.

paisley's bed is right next to mine, some nights we each lay in our own beds and talk to one another as we both fall asleep; other nights i'll see her little head pop up from her pillow and i'll hear her sweet little voice either asking "um court. i get in your bed?" or telling me "my bed just isn't cozy. your bed is cozy" as she climbs under neath my covers next to me. some of my favorite moments with pais are our 10:30 p.m. pillow talk sessions. 

we talk about everything from my retainers (she thinks they're pretty cool), to her stuffed animals, and the "funny faces" my snapchat. eventually we both fall asleep, and she'll usually continue to cuddle me the whole rest of the night. i'm a pretty touchy lovey person and lucky for me so is she. paisley likes physical touch as we sleep. wither it's sleeping with our noses touching, with her head on my shoulder, with her arm around my head, or holding onto my arm , she loves cuddling close and it melts my heart. being an aunt gives me an idea of just how amazing being a mama will someday be. paisley introduced me to a new kind of love that i didn't know existed, her little sister has added to that crazy unconditional love. the past little while of living with my little sweet hearts has been better then i even imagined it'd be. i'm not sure what i'll do to keep my sanity when my babies move out.