Friday, March 25, 2016

happy 21st alexis anne.

last friday my sweet older sister turned 21 years old.
last year she was out in alabama serving as a full time missionary, as happy as were with where she was and what she was doing - we certainly missed her! this year, we actually got to celebrate WITH our lexi lou. sadly i didn't get to spend as much time with lexi on her birthday as i would've like too because was babysitting alllll day long (for reals, 5:30am-7pm) but as soon as i got home i gave her the biggest hug ever and helped my mom prepare her birthday feast of steak, mashed potatoes, rolls, and fresh zucchini. at dinner we talked about all of our favorite lexi memories and stories. after her birthday dinner we watched her open presents and then sang happy birthday to her with cake and ice cream.

sadly, i had to quickly bounce after singing happy birthday so i could get to a friends bachelorette party, after i left the rest of the fam went bowling to finish celebrating lexi's day.
thankfully, i got to spend more time with lex the next day. my mama took me and my sisters up to park city for some lunch and shopping at the outlets (rip @ my bank account because holy outlet sales)

lexi is a sunshine. anyone who's ever met her could tell you that, in fact, people have been telling my family that ever since she was in elementary school. lexi is so friendly to every person she meets and she ALWAYS has a great big smile on her face. it's impossible to be around her without having your spirits lifted. i'm sure gratefully for lexi and the positive influence she has on me.
happy 21st birthday alexis anne.