Tuesday, March 29, 2016

easter weekend.

my easter weekend started out with LOTS of babysitting (between Friday and Saturday i spent over 21 hours babysitting... i may or may not need a nap now) i took the kiddo's to local easter egg hunts and i also brought ingredients over to their house for us to make easter treats together; because as we all know, being festive makes me happy.
(chocolate preztle cookies "nests" & reese's peanut butter eggs. the cookies may of not been super great because the boys i nanny were more interested in eating the eggs out of all the nests. at least they were cute though right?)
after a long weekend away from my house i was excited to spend sunday relaxing with all my family close by. my heart has been SO full of gratitude and love it could just burst. as i've gotten older i've really come to appreciate the gospel more and more. i recently got a primary calling and i now teach a class of 5 and 6 year old girls, obviously our resurrection/easter lesson was very simple, but it's crazy how much you can learn from breaking things down and teaching them in the simplest terms. my mom made an easter dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, and cooked carrots. at our easter dinner i had a lot of questions for my dad and we had an awesome gospel discussion as a family. i've grown up in this gospel my whole life but i'm coming to realize how much i truly don't know; but i'm learning more and more every day and it's such an exciting feeling. the gospel just makes sense. everything fits together and it just all makes so much sense. learning about it and understanding it is so fulfilling.

nothing says easter like a floral dress and pastel hair right?

besides spring dresses, easter dinner, family, and the spirit, we had fun searching for our easter baskets in the morning, going on an easter egg hunt after church, and making lots of strawberry milk. i love having my nieces live with us everyday, but i especially love it on holidays. the thought of the easter bunny coming to deliver treats is just so much more exciting when you room with a 3 year old.
and if you're having a bad dad just enjoy these terrible awkward photo's of me dancing. happy easter.