Thursday, June 25, 2015

strawberry days.

having lived in pleasant grove my whole life, strawberry days will always be so near and dear to my heart, i've grown up with it and i have some of the best memories from it.
strawberry days goes on for one week every year in june, there are plenty of activities, but some of the most popular events are the concert in the park, the carnival, the rodeo, huck finn days, the parade, and of course, eating strawberries and cream, because that alone should count as an "event" right?!

now it may make me "one of a kind" considering i HATE the carnival (most people love it) but i think it's completely disgusting, maybe it's because i'm a germaphobe and it mega grosses me out, but i don't think you'll EVER see me on a ride from their.... ew.
 on wednesday, me, my mom, my sister in law, and nieces went shopping at this little boutique, the little boutique is in the same parking lot as the carnival, as we walked in, pais noticed the carousel, "riding a horse" was the ONLY thing she talked about for the next half an hour, so how could we not let her ride it at least once?! (don't worry, i didn't have to go on it with her - grammy took care of that - although, surprising enough, i would've been willing to go on it for her. anything for little miss)

friday night, my family headed to the rodeo, i got the honor of chasing this little cow girl around for majority of the time, it's rare she ever sits still! 

my brother and some of his buddies competed in the "wild cow milking" at the rodeo, this picture (below) makes it appear "calm" but there is certainly nothing "calm" about it! watching my brother getting wrecked by a wild cow was absolutely terrifying . his 'team' got 2nd place, this meant they got to come back and compete again saturday night.

saturday night i went to the rodeo with some friends i hadn't spent time with in awhile, when ever i'm not with my nieces i find myself missing them a whole bunch - no matter how long it's been since I've last seen them - my mom was sitting with pais, and sent me this picture, it put a smile on my face, she's in a phase of loving her "funny faces" i have no idea who taught her this, but i adore it!

 the wild cow milking didn't go QUITE so well the second night, my brother was holding onto the rope that was tied to his cow, as the cow ran around dragging him, another teams cow ran him over, his shoulder popped out, and we could tell he was hurting bad, but the crazy kid STILL got up and tried to finish his "cow milking" ..... boys!

as soon as he was out of the arena, my dad took him over to the E.R. to get his shoulder popped back into place, thankfully it's not broken, we think it's just sprained, so he has a sling, and he's going to get an appointment with a specialist to make sure it's all good.
aren't those pictures of his shoulder just gnarly?!

now to rewind a little bit - saturday morning i went to the parade with some of my best friends, it was so so weird sitting on the side walk and just watching, i haven't been able to do that for - what seems like - years! i'm use to dancing in the parade each year, and it was sad not being up there, but it was so good to see my cute team dancing, they were looking good and i can't wait to continue watching them the rest of this year.
i'm already having strawberry days withdrawls, i think we need it once a month!