Friday, June 26, 2015

happy fathers day.

 this is clearly delayed - as most of my posts are - but i feel so blessed each and every day to have so many wonderful father figures in my life! i was feeling especially grateful and blessed this past sunday as we celebrated our dads.

here are a  FEW of the many wonderful men in my life.....

first, my grandpa reeder (grant). okay, how handsome is he?! and check out those muscles in the second and third picture, what a freaking stud! grant died from cancer a long time ago, i miss him lots, and i can't wait to see him again, i know our reunion will be so sweet.
majority of my memories with him are up at our family cabin, - the one he built himself! - he loved taking us on hikes and teaching us about all the different types of plants, i sure miss it. being up there feels so much like him, i don't know exactly how heaven works, but if our spirits are free to roam where they wish, i know he'd always be up at our cabin.

next, grandpa hill, (on the far right) isn't he just so handsome too? i don't have many photo's of him, but he's such an awesome guy, he's so easy to talk to, and he loves hearing about the new things i'm up to. he's at every dance performance and gives the best hugs. he's so supportive and loving. i'm so glad to still have him around.

next, my older brother. my oh my, words can't describe him. he's the best father and the best husband, he's such a tough guy, but suddenly his girls came around, and he turned into SUCH a marshmallow, it melts my heart. i genuinely hope to marry a guy like tyler.

 last but not least, my great old papa bear, this guy never fails to make me smile! ever since i was a little girl he's been such a goof ball and he's kept me laughing (even if it includes getting a pedicure with me) to this day he still supports me in everything i do, and works so hard to keep me comforted and to bring me peace. i feel so genuinely important to my daddy, after all, i am his baby girl. as most dad's do, he's always working to protect me and he's always trying to "fix" my problems. not to mention, throughout the years he's given me plenty of priesthood blessings, i'd truly be lost without those.

my heart goes out to all those families that aren't surrounded by loving fathers, these men are certainly some of the greatest people in my life.