Thursday, June 18, 2015

california pt. 2

the next morning we slept in until 11 (i wasn't joking when i said we were pooped after 14 hours of running around in the hot sun) me and heather made instant oatmeal and ate it in bed.
we eventually got up, got ready, and then headed to lunch.

food was challenging for me, so i decided to eat at places that my family use to go whenever we'd visit heather (she use to live in huntington beach) that way, i had a positive memory to associate the food with, and that made it a bit easier. 

so for lunch, we stopped at an old favorite, t.k. burger. it's just this little 'hole in the wall' place, and it looks incredibly ghetto, but it's also (surprisingly) incredibly good!

after lunch, we headed to newport beach to do some shopping.

and of course, wherever there's a photo booth, we ought to stop and take pictures.

i'd never before seen a pet store 'on the beach', but with first glance at this kitten, i fell in love with this place. luckily for my mom, she was $1,000, otherwise, i may of just ended up bringing her home with me.

when snack time rolled around, we headed to balboa island to try out their famous 'frozen banana's'

i must admit, i wasn't too impressed. sprinkles are photogentic, but they really aren't all that tastey.

we shopped around a bit more, then headed back to our hotel room to get ready for an Angels baseball game! 

did you know you could buy $5 baseball tickets?! because either did I. 

the view wasn't great (hence the $5 tickets) but the atmosphere of baseball games are too fun. 

and we ate corn dogs for dinner. because what's a baseball game without a hot dog? (or corn dog, same thing)

when there was only 2 innings left in the game, we walked down to the fifth row, the nice view was fabulous for the small amount of time we had it. 

the game ended late, so once it was over  we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep so we could be all rested for a day at the BEACH.