Tuesday, June 9, 2015

thank you x1000!! (and a cabin trip.)

there are no words to appropriately thank you all, i was blown away with the response i received from my last blog post. i didn't think it'd get many views at all, let alone a lot of people sticking around to actually read the whole thing.
last month i got a total of 3,700 something views, within the first 14 hours of posting 'the truth'  i had 1,843 views, within the next 24 hours i had over 3,000 views.
in 2 days i had more views on one post then i received on my entire blog last month!
the amount of page views is only the beginning though, i am far more grateful for all of your responses, i appreciate everyone who shared my post to their twitter or facebook, and also took time to let me know that sharing my story meant something to them, and acknowledging my bravery and courage.
it was hard to share, i still sit there sometimes in an anxiety attack wondering how and why i shared it, and questioning if people are judging me, BUT other times, i feel really great and accomplished for sharing, and i feel so much love and support behind me from all those who read it.
i couldn't say it enough times THANK YOU ALL.


now onto a different note, this weekend was spent up at the little cabin my grandpa made years ago.

even though i was just simply happy to be there, i was 10x happier with the fact that my favorite babies were with me.

 we gave little pais an oreo, she requested for us to 'take the lid off' then she scraped the frosting off with her fingers, and throw the rest of the cookie away, the rest of the trip she continued to ask for "moreo" (more oreo's, clever kid) and continue to only eat the frosting.
being an aunt is the sweetest.

 each morning me and pais would put on our 'running shoes' over our footie pj's, she thought it was pretty cool to match with auntie courtney.

 this sweet heart was OBSESSED with the 'tree swing' i think it's because it wasn't like the typical 'baby swing' she's use to and she felt all grown up sitting on a big kid swing by herself.

she even refused to get off to take a picture, so stubborn, but she gets away with it;)

 messy face, messy hair, pajama's until noon, every 2 year old's dream right??

sunday morning, before packing up and leaving, we went fishing for a bit, we tried to get paisley to touch a fish, and she wasn't overly thrilled.

such a lovely weekend full of hiking, riding four-wheelers, campfires, and family.

tomorrow i'm heading out to california, disney land here i come!