Sunday, May 24, 2015

My team.

tuesday night was my dance studio's end of the year concert. 
it was absolutely heartbreaking to see my team dancing without me, even though i wished more then anything to be up on stage with them, i was so happy to be able to be there watching them.

 after the show ended, i went up on stage and was attacked with tearful hugs. i love these girls so much. 

not only did my team preform so well, my coaches and teachers came up with some brilliant choreography. i feel so blessed to have been apart of such an amazing studio with amazing instructors for so long. i've grown up dancing here, and year after year i've loved it.

i'm so grateful for the love and support i've received from these girls throughout my rough journey this past year, even though i could never fully pay them back, i was so glad i could be there supporting them, and cheering them on right back. 
i've got amazing and talented people in my life.