Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall break takes Disney.

Back in April Heather and I bought annual Disney passes, which was the real motivation for my mom to make this trip happen. She figured she might as well get the family back to Disneyland while she could take advantage of our passes. That birthday present to ourselves was CLEARLY a gift that just keeps on giving.
 We started out day two in Radiator Springs with breakfast at Flo's V8 cafe. Cutest cafe around!
 And if they start renting our rooms in radiator springs just let me know, because I am determined to live there someday! 

The whole time we kept joking with Lexi she doesn't know how to keep her arms straight up in the air while on rides and her arms are always spread wide and far and are usually covering up the face of the person next to her, this picture proved us right. 
 We could NOT stop laughing at this. HAHAHA. Lexi's personality to a tee.

Photo op upon phto op.

^Cutest. Radiator springs has my heart!^

Til next time Disneyland! We'll be back super soon, we promise. 

...........Annnnnnnd we'll just leave this here.