Friday, November 4, 2016

Happiest Place on Earth.

Holy slacker over here! Full time work and school has got the best of me, that's for sure! 
Over UVU's fall break I was in MUCH need of a real break, luckily my family was all for it. So a trip to Disneyland it was! 

Originally the whole family was going to be there, but as soon as the boys realized it conflicted with the Deer Hunt they were out. So a girls trip it was! As much of a bummer as it was at first, I can't say I'm still upset about it ;) (Nothing against my brother and dad, I just like streaking in the hotel room and chasing my sisters and mom around while being nakey. That's all. Nothing more to it.)

I had never been to Disneyland over Halloween and it certainly didn't dissapoint. 

 Haunted Mansion as Nightmare before Christmas? Yes please! 

One of the happiest moments of every disney trip is that first walk down Main Street. Has there ever been a happier atmosphere? 

Between running back and forth between parks and riding Tower of Terror as many times as we could  (in honor of it getting taken down and being switched to "Gaurdians of the Galaxy" in the next few months) it was a successful first day of Disney!