Wednesday, May 4, 2016


as mentioned here two days after my birthday me & heather headed to Disneyland to celebrate, her birthday was two days after we got home so it was a celebration for the both of us!

i don't even need to write about our disney trip. it's the happiest place on earth, what else is to be said?! i'll let the pictures do the talking.
there's nothing like entering the park and walking down main street. best atmosphere in the world.

teacup first timers. can you believe that? out of all my trips to disneyland i've never been on the teacups. shame on me right?
every last thing about disney land is happy and cute; even their pretzel stands!
leaving disneyland is always hard, but this time was a little bit less painful because me & heath are now season pass holders so we'll be back soon. now that we have passes and we know we'll be back soon we actually took the time to sit down and watch the Paint The Night 
Parade and the firework show, usually we're running onto rides until the last possible second, but i'm so glad we took the time to sit and watch the shows - AMAZING. disneyland makes my inner child come out, i'd spend every day there if i could.