Saturday, May 7, 2016


just like disneyland, the rest of our california trip was also amazing. one day we went to the beach, huntington beach to be exact (hunting is my families go to, we've been going there since before i can even remember!) we tried laying out and hoped to get some color but the beach itself was windy and cold so we didn't last long. as soon as we took pictures we put our cover ups back on and bounced.
isn't this swimmer the cutest?! found at asos.
^when trying to be cute get's too hard haha^
once we got our clothes on we headed up to the street right above the pier to do some shopping (which is always on the to do list while at Huntington beach) we came across "merrilee's swimwear" which is a new fave, i don't know how we've never been in this place before considering ALL the times we've been shopping at this outdoor mall. we left with the cutest new rings and a whole lot less money to our names (typical.)
 once dinner rolled around we headed to our favorite; LA Rocco's. LA Rocco's is a little "hole in the wall" pizza shop, they have new york style pizza that you can buy it by the slice. my family discovered it about 8 or 9 years ago when we moved heather down to socal and we were instantly obsessed! last time me and heather were down in California we actually bought a whole extra box of pizza to haul home with us for our family upon their request haha. every time we're in California we make sure we have time to stop by.
 we recognized the guy working at the front counter from last time we were in California (back in june for my senior trip) and he just so happened to recognize us too. we got talking and came to find out that he is the owner. he's the sweetest guy and we ended up leaving with all this free pizza from him. he made us promise wed come back with the rest of our family so he could meet them too.
^^pulled BBQ pork pizza^^
after dinner and lots of shopping we headed back to the hotel so we could clean up. we ended the night by going out to see the new jungle book at the AMC theater in fullerton. it was the nicest theater i've ever been to (better of been considering the tickets were $15 each) the seats were these huge recliners that you could lay down like a bed, so crazy! never a bad day spent in Huntington.