Wednesday, May 18, 2016

girls date night.

on saturday morning my brothers woke up at the crack of dawn and left the house for a day of hiking, they didn't get back until late saturday night so me, my sisters, and nieces decided to have a little "girls day"
(isn't that little face the cutest?)

it was a pretty simple day! full of walks, baby showers, cleaning, and lastly some dinner and shopping. we took advantage of the picky eaters being away and we headed to happy sumo at the riverwoods for some sushi. 
and of course dinner wouldn't be complete without our camo backpack full of princess toys!
after eating we spent a while making wishes and throwing coins into the water fountain. once we left the riverwoods we made a quick trip to target (because what's a girls night without some target?) 
as much as we love the boys in our family, it's nice to get girl date nights every now and then.
^look at those little bare feet and chubby cheeks. love this girl.