Monday, May 2, 2016


last week heather and tyler (my twin siblings) turned 26.
heather is one of the most generous people i know. since our birthdays are just a week apart, in-between our birthdays we took a trip to California/Disneyland to celebrate. on the way home she got upgraded to first class and for no reason she gave me her first class seat. is that not the nicest thing in the world?!?! like who else would do that? heather is also so incredibly thoughtful; when i'm having a bad week (..... or a bad month haha) i'll come home to new gym shorts or a new shirt and a note from her on my bed. she's constantly giving and trying to lighten others loads.
i look up to tyler so much, he is such a handy man and is always helping someone out. he's one to see a project that needs to get taken care of and he'll hop right on it without being asked. instead of leaving broken things laying around and neglecting them he gets right on it (even if it's not his job & he has no obligation.)  he's always fixing something for US. tyler has a family of his own but he'll be fixing our back porch or chopping down our trees or cleaning up our back yard. i hope to marry someone as handy and helpful as him. he's a very hard worker and is the lest lazy person i know. it's such a good trait that i hope my future husband possess. that is just the beginning of his good qualities and traits that i admire. he is the cutest and the best father & husband, i could go into so much detail and give you so many reasons as to why he's the best daddy and husband, but i'll save that for another day.
(and maybe he's a tad bit immature.... ;))

for their birthday dinner my mom made homemade pizza's on the bbq grill; i'll have to share the recipe sometime because it's the yummiest. after dinner we did the usual - opening presents followed by cake and icecream.
happy birthday heather and tyler!