Monday, May 9, 2016

happy mothers day.

happy mothers day to all the current, soon to be, and someday mamas & 'mama figures' out there.
after church me and my family took dinner up to my granny birds so we could eat and spend time with her, after dinner we had all the extended family over for desserts.

this year my heart is especially humbled for all moms, but especially my own mother. straight out of the womb i was instantly a mama's girl and not much has changed. up until i was 2 years old i INSISTED on sitting on her lap every night at dinner. it's no surprise why i've always been attached to my mother, she is my rock. not only that but she's my best motivator, encourager, supporter, and friend. my hardest days make me realize how much i truly need my mom, she's the first person i want to call/hug when i'm sad or struggling and she's the only shoulder i ever want to cry on. my mom has been with me on my worst days and on my best days and she's given me unconditional love all the while. wither it's going on long walks  with me while i talk her ear off or her holding me while i sob, my mom is always there for me. i mean it when i say that my mother is absolutely my rock. on top of all that, she like to twerk (or trying to twerk haha). how much "cooler" do they get?

^^here's to lovely unedited iphone pictures^^

i'm so grateful for my amazing grandmother for raising the perfect daughter who one day became my mom. my grandmother set the tone for the wonderful person my mom has turned out to be.

 not only do i feel an overwhelming peace as i think of my mom and all she's done for me, but i feel even more at peace when i think of the mother who's raised my future husband. oh how i can't wait to hug and thank her someday for i'm sure she's done a wonderful job.

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