Monday, November 3, 2014


somewhere between the candy, the weather, and the overall atmosphere, halloween tends to be one of my favorite days, and maybe that's why I had 4 costume changes this year?
my day started out as it usually does - 6 a.m. drill practice, but don't worry, we got festive in our 80's dance gear.

 then I got to visit my little kindergarten class that I intern for. who decided there didn't need to be halloween parties and a big parade after elementary school? I think even after age 12 we should still get to eat pumpkin cookies and candy corn while decorating haunting houses instead of math.

later was work, when I changed into my Dalmatian costume. somehow I lucked out on getting off at 6, so I had time to trick or treat with baby pais for awhile, paisley was a 'pumpkin princess' and a darling one at that!

my night ended with a big dance party. most girls use Halloween and these dance parties as an excuse to get super sleazy, so me and my friends decided we'd go as polygamists, that may of been the best decision I made all of October.

it was a lovely day, holidays like this make me even more excited to get married and have babies.
i genuinely hope you got a chance to make festive Halloween treats found off of pinterest.