Thursday, November 27, 2014

thanksgiving eve&thanksgiving day

wednesday morning my thanksgiving break started out right, bright and early up tibblefork canyon with ms. hunter kofford for a sunrise shoot. by 9:30 I found myself cuddled back in bed... it was nap time.

my day followed with some shopping, baking pies and prepping for thanksgiving, talking to my cute grandma while she knitted, work, and catching up with old college friends. simple, busy day, but quite ideal.

thanksgiving was hosted at our home this year, i was in heaven as i spent majority of my day  in the kitchen helping my mom cook and do the dishes. for some reason cooking and cleaning kitchens makes me so happy, maybe it's because the thing i look forward to most in this life is being a wife and mother, and helping out in the kitchen gives me glimpses of that life.

i planned to have lots of pictures to blog, but somehow, i didn't even take one. it could be a good thing right? because my day was filled with good, quality, family time, and my phone and camera didn't need to be present. so i guess i'll try to not be too upset about the lack of photos in this post.

the day ended with a family trip to the movie theater, where we saw meet the Mormons, it brought tears to my eyes as they talked about missionaries, it was the first big family holiday having my sister out on the mission field, which is hard, but overall i couldn't be happier for her.

it's nap time now, so i can prepare myself for the crowds in Victoria secret at midnight, i hope you all had the loveliest thanksgiving day surrounded by loved ones and banana cream pies.