Monday, November 17, 2014

pinecones and holly berries

Aside from the first snow fall of the season, last week consisted of endless dance rehearsals, a sore body, sudefed, and 10 and a half boxes of tissues. 
I hoped to stay super bundled and cozy and get a lot of good rest this weekend, unfortunately... I didn't. But it's okay, because every time I find myself shivering and feeling like I'm near cardiac arrest due to my strong cough, I listen to Michael bubles "have yourself a merry little christmas" and my common winter sickness suddenly seems like a privilege. and then I turn on Santa clause is coming to town and I get up and dance - or I walk through Walmart, because it's the holidays and the atmosphere in that place brings me more satisfaction then Walmart should ever bring anyone. 
it's truly the happiest time of the year you guys!!! no matter how cold and tired I've been, I'm embracing it, and I'm loving (just about) every second of it.  
Here's to hoping the next 8 days fly by. holla @ thanksgiving break, I'm anticipating you.