Saturday, November 1, 2014

until next year..

october is officially over... *sigh*
october may just take the cake for my favorite month, typical? yes. relevant? yes. after all, it's the start of the most wonderful time of the year! my days were chilly, and filled with lots of dance, school, work, and not much sleep, but thankfully weekends and fall breaks exsist in this world, so I still got my fair share of fun and relaxing.

here's some photos from my last half of october....  
1. weekend trip to cedar city with dance company for the shakespeare  festival
2&3. the Christmas shopping has officially begun
4&5. fall break at the family cabin with the parents and the two 'babies'
6. hee-haws with the cute kindergarten class I intern for
7. hee-haws with the neice
8&9. halloween (and last ever) football halftime (frowny face) but it may of just been the funnest one yet.
even though october is octOVER (clever right?!) i'm still celebrating, because the holidays can officially begin. and I plan to wear sweat pants and fuzzy socks the whole weekend.