Tuesday, December 2, 2014

tis the season

every year the day after thanksgiving the hill family heads out to find ourselves a Christmas tree.

 this is something my family has done since before I was born, and I'm so very thankful for this tradition, because nothing makes Christmas time more complete then walking in the door after playing in the snow and smelling fresh pine (and because nothing shouts selfie opportunity like being in a Christmas tree lot - clearly) 

my Friday night was spent with my mama listening to Michael bubles dreamy voice singing Christmas tunes, hanging ornaments on the tree, setting up nativities and putting out other red glittery decorations around the house.

but before we get ahead of ourselves, in honor of thanksgiving this past week I'd like to express my gratitude for my savior and being raised in this amazing gospel, a loving and supportive family who serve me everyday and genuinely care about my health and happiness, and missionaries.
 I also find myself quite thankful for lipstick, tights, cuddling my kitty mable, the harry potter series, lush bath bombs, the turkey left overs in my fridge, mixing patterns, a heater in my car, babies, laughter, $10 footie pajamas from target, skipping first period to make my sister breakfast & much more. 

I hope there's Christmas lights on your homes and I hope December 1st treated you well. here's to the rest of a joyful holiday season and skyping sister hill in just a short 23 days.