Monday, December 29, 2014

caramel apples&peppermint oreo truffles

awhile back i decided that i wanted to have a nice gift wrapped and under the tree for each person in my family to open on Christmas morning - from me!
 i love money, and i love buying things....for myself.... and i figured what better time to practice giving to others then christmas time?  
unfortunately, my minimum wage job doesn't provide me with a pretty looking bank account, and after shopping for my family i was down to not much money left, and i still had so many friends i wanted to give to gifts to. so i decided i'd give them what i have the most experience in.... homemade treats!

tuesday afternoon was spent making homemade caramel and pinteresting tips on melting chocolate. within a couple hours, i had pretty caramel apples ready to be packaged in cellophane bags, tied with bows, and delivered.

the fun thing with caramel apples, is you have room to get creative when decorating! i used white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, christmas sprinkles, crushed butterfingers, cinnamon sugar, and mini chocolate chips.
next, i made oreo truffles, but instead of dipping them in traditional milk or white chocolate, i dipped them in melted candy cane edition!
this is quite possibly the easiest recipe in the world, highly recommended to anyone who signs up to take dessert to their next family party.

 i like baking for friends. If you ever need treats, let me know.