Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the kingdom is yours.

back in the summer before my sweet (and artisitically talented) sister left for her mission, she'd spend everyday painting, when I got lucky, she'd gift me with one of her paintings, every time I recieved one my day instantly got 10x better. 

the other day I walked into my room and found this pretty little watercolor painting with a note written on the back - sent all the way (with love) from mississippi - for me. 

she told me she started the painting a really long time ago, and the only reason it took so long is because she rarely has free time. it touched my heart that she took the little bit of spare time she could find to continue to serve. I'm grateful for her and the fact that she never lets me going feeling unnoticed or unloved. 
p.s. isn't that the loveliest and prettiest quote? little gifts like this from her make missing her easier!