Wednesday, December 24, 2014

christmas break part 1.

unfortunately, my christmas break couldn't officially begin after my polar express party, because saturday i had a looong day at competition. 

we finished second in lyrical, hip hop, and military, and first in kick and dance, resulting in overall first, successful day for the vikettes, and as fun as it was, i couldn't of been more relieved once it was over, because i could finally think about relaxing. 

sunday was spent reading thirteen reasons why next to my lit Christmas tree, if you haven't read that book I highly suggest it, I finished it in 3 days and am tempted to read it again. 

monday after work I headed up to my sweet cousins house for a sleepover, we painted nails, talked about life, watched Christmas movies, and went shopping.
we use to have sleepovers all the time, but as we've gotten older, it's hard finding time in both of our crazy schedules, so it was so nice to finally catch up. 

time for christmas jammies, and watching elf with my siblings.