Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas eve&christmas day 2014

christmas eve consisted of work, last minute christmas shopping (am i the worst or what?) our traditional christmas eve movie, delivering gifts to friends, helping my mom wrap the last of our christmas presents and laying them under the tree (procrastination at it's finest) christmas jammies, and falling asleep while watching elf on the living room floor with my siblings  (the grinch may give it some competition, but theres a chance elf is the greatest christmas movie ever made)
this year for our christmas eve movie we went to the sticky shoe and saw 'alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, bad day' it was darling and made us all laugh, plus it was family friendly, if you don't stick up your nose to the sticky shoe theater (and why would you?! the tickets are $1.50) then i highly recommend it. 

on christmas morning we were fortunate enough to wake up nice and early to a WHITE CHRISTMAS, everyone was shocked because it hasn't snowed all dang winter, i can't picture a better surprise! after we opened our presents i helped my mama cook a big christmas breakfast, have i mentioned i love cooking? especially for others, and we had our grandparents from both sides over, along with all my older siblings and their spouses, so i was in complete heaven cooking for all these people. we made kneaders chunky cinnamon french toast, caramel syrup, breakfast casserole, and we cut up some fresh pineapple.
 i then got the honor (by choice) of cleaning up the kitchen and doing all the dishes, i think it's because i want to be a mama so badly and have a family of my own some day, but i genuinely love cleaning kitchens! (lucky for my mom right??)

then the best part of christmas happened, we got to skype sister hill for 3 hours, she's so beautiful, we miss her so much, but she is doing unbelievably well and we're so proud of her!

the rest of our day was pretty lazy, we took naps, neglected to put on bra's or take off pajama's, we watched movies, bundled up & went four wheeling in the snow, then we finished it off with a late night car ride, the streets were so quiet, and it was so peaceful. 

christmas time is always so special, i'm so happy that my sweet grandma reeder comes to sleep over and spend the week with us each year, and i'm so happy to have lots of family that lives close so i can spend time with them, because family is the most important thing in my life.

i also feel very blessed to be apart of such an amazing gospel, christmas time makes everyone a lot more aware of our heavenly father, and everyone is a little more christ like as we try harder to serve, i hope you felt his spirit near you this christmas season!